11 Things Restaurant Servers Do Better Than Most

It’s interesting that restaurant servers often get a bad rep.

I once had someone actually say to my face that with all the odd jobs she had to do, she never had to wait tables. And she said this proudly. When I looked at her incredulously and asked, why the hell not, because after all, she lived in Los Angeles where servers pretty much make $30-$50 an hour, she shut her mouth and said no response except for the one her face gave away, which was shock.

I suppose the bad rep comes from the label of “server” because let’s be honest, most people don’t want to serve others. But the reality of it is so different. It’s the hustle bustle of a living organism. It’s a show put on nightly that always has issues and yet manages to go on. It’s performance art, through both food and service. And yes, it varies in degrees.

As I was thinking about all this on my drive home, I started realizing there are some traits servers have that many others don’t. At least, not as skillful in my opinion…

11 Things Restaurant Servers Do Better Than Most

1. Open bottles of wine.

2. Multi-task spontaneously in a loud environment.

3. Pretend you don’t hear someone trying to get your attention.

4. Look cool while wearing an apron.

5. Eat standing up.

6. Play things by ear.

7. Dine out.

8. Talk to people when they are hungry and angry about it.

9. Look at someone without them knowing it.

10. Calculate percentages without a calculator.

11. Bite their tongue and smile.


Any other servers out there want to add their own?? Please do!


Quitting Diet Coke Take 3

It’s been a week!!!!!!!!


And you know what? The cravings have lessened, the headaches are gone and my acceptance for this new reality of mine has grown.

I won’t lie. I still miss the stuff.

And it doesn’t help that I see signs for it friggin’ EVERYWHERE.

But with each new day, my desire for that dark bubbly liquid grows smaller and smaller and I take comfort in that.

I’ll write again when I hit week two (fourteen days on the wagon!) to let you know how it’s going then…

But in the meantime, time to tackle something else – decreasing my wine intake….(not quitting, hell no, but decreasing.)



Quitting Diet Coke Take 3

It’s been four days since I’ve had a Diet Coke and I’m not gonna lie. I miss it.

I know I shouldn’t. I know it’s ridiculous to yearn for a flippin’ soda that’s bad for me but I said I’d be honest about the process so here it is, in all its glory.

I miss it. A lot.

Like, right now, for example. As I sit here with my cup of chicken gumbo while I write, all I can think about is how much I want a Diet Coke. This has been happening all weekend to me. My inner dialogue has been on speed: “Yeah, this slice of pizza is great but wouldn’t it be so much better with a nice cold DC on ice?” “Damn, that bike ride was fun. Shouldn’t I reward myself with a can of Diet Coke?” “This movie is good but what it really needs is a glass of the dark stuff in my hand and then it would be better.”

It’s been difficult.

But like the last time I quit all those years ago, I’m replacing this addiction of mine with sparkling water and though I love those tasty clear bubbles with a fruit essence, I’m grumpy about the replacement.

I hope it’s just the withdrawal talking. I’m pretty sure it is but damn, I’m in the thick of it. The hard part. The time where I try to convince myself I can have just one.

BUT NO. I’m not going to.

I need to stay strong and wipe out this fake-sugar-filled liquid from my mindset.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.”

Damn, that man knew what he was talking about.


Quitting Diet Coke Take 3

Today did not go well.

I caved. And I’m ashamed to say I did it quite easily.

I was grabbing a taco for lunch and saw the Diet Coke fountain machine just staring at me. It was literally right beside the register.

The universe gave me a test and I failed. Miserably.

I ordered one before allowing myself to think about it. Never a good sign. And then, to add insult to injury, the attendant handed me my change and said, “Oh, and there’s free refills.”

Universe, what are you doing to me???

Yes. I got a refill.

I was so beyond weak today.

I know this. And I have reset.

NO MORE DIET COKE. (and repeat…)


Quitting Diet Coke Take 2

Five years ago, I quit drinking my absolute favorite drink in the world.

Diet Coke.

Now, before I get bombarded with stories about how bad it is for my body, allow me to state I KNOW THIS.

I won’t lie. I adore the taste. The kick it gives me. The bubbly satisfaction.

But I am no longer twenty one and able to turn a deaf ear to the truth. I heed it now.

Somehow though, I fell back into my addiction before even realizing it. One sip lead to one can, which led to “why not have another” to drinking three bottles a day.

I have no middle ground with this drink. I am addicted and after allowing myself to drink some a few months ago, I fell off the wagon and found myself back on the sauce within a couple weeks.

It could be worse. It could be tequila.

But when I found myself craving the third one of the day, I knew I had to stop and stop quickly.

So, after just having my last diet coke, I want to officially declare I am back on the wagon.

PLEASE hold me to this.

And come along for the ride with me. I’ll be detailing my struggle of quitting over the next couple weeks. Can’t say I’ll write everyday, or maybe I will, but I have a feeling it’s not gonna be easy (if it’s anything like last time)…


A political post

As I sat down to compose my latest blog post, I ran through my list of ideas. Soooo many things going on right now. From my two-year wedding anniversary today 9/26 to the natural disasters that have caused far too much destruction in their wake, my mind is reeling.

But then, it got stuck on something that I believe has not only been increasing in quantity and intensity, but is the root of many problems America is facing…

Extreme partisanship.

Now, I should state I belong to no party. (Full disclaimer, I have been registered for a few so that I could vote in primaries.) But I act according to my principals, whichever party they fall in, and accept the consequences of doing so. I do, however, notice my views tend to fall more in favor with third parties but I don’t label myself because I’ll ultimately disagree with something in every group and I have yet to find a party that welcomes that, so I remain nonpartisan.

America, however, doesn’t seem to agree… Is it just me or is partisanship at an all-time high?

I know our current President does not exactly bring out the best in people but he was voted in and is something we must deal with. And it’s gotten many people to keep a watchful eye on what the executive branch is doing so cheers to that, right?

But damn, the partisanship.

Speaking to bases rather than citizens, the two-party dynasty hold, the lack of respect and platform for third party voices, crony capitalism deals, journalist biases so obvious my 6 year-old nephew could pick up on them, intolerance for anyone who disagrees with you, emotion-based laws lacking in practical logic….

America is broken and is reaching a boiling point.

So, what will come of it?

I don’t know. I’m not a prophet. But I do know a boiling pot blows off a lot of steam.

My philosophy studies led me to search for the truth and strive with every fiber of my being to see reality as it is and not as I want or wish it to be because I can’t make change for the better within myself and the world around me unless I see what I’m actually dealing with. Today, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on our political landscape in an effort to open a dialogue and create awareness with hope to inspire others to think for themselves rather than just toeing a party line….

The two-party system is dying as a new generation begins to take over political power. It’s happening slowly, though Trump has accelerated it a tad by being so extreme. But politicians are so beholden to party politics that Americans are nowhere near their top focus and the younger generations are beginning to say enough is enough. It’s time for the people to take the power back. What they want to do with that power remains to be seen…

Consequences will dictate a lot of what the near future holds. Once people see their desires in action, things start to get real, and fast. Look at San Francisco. They’re incredibly hospitable to the homeless but every time I visit (which is multiple times a year,) I see the city being more and more overrun by the very cause they’re trying to eradicate so how is that helping? Or take the NFL. Will player protests of the national anthem hurt their popularity and therefore their bottom line or will it make them even more successful? What will the fans choose to do?

The fact that mainstream media had no idea Trump was going to be president when it seemed really obvious led me to believe they are biased and a waste of my time. Silver lining – information is in abundance thanks to the Internet so the truth is out there. Citizens are becoming the journalists we need. Just be prepared to spend some time sifting through the muck…

Tolerance is key. The world is not perfect. Neither am I and neither are you. There will always be differing opinions. But I believe the fight starts when anyone tries to force something or someone upon another that is not welcomed. But before I pick a fight, I make sure I know what I’m fighting for and its worth to me… I have found that change often comes with pain. Lots of pain.

Nature could care less about emotions so it’s best to be reasonable. The great arbiter of life is nature and it has a way of always reminding humans who is boss. I find it best to listen to my emotions but apply them to logic and reason before doing any acting. That way, whatever Nature throws at me or gives me, I’m ready for it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well! But I do ask for respect. And I should mention I typically don’t understand the meaning of snarky or snide comments so if you choose to give one, be prepared that I will ask you to explain yourself.






My computer bag is falling apart

I’ve had it since I was fresh out of college, working in a well-known film producer’s office on the Paramount lot, ideal to the point I thought I knew it all.

This bag has been through my film development jobs, my production jobs, my assistant editing jobs, my script/book reading jobs and as of now, my writing jobs.

But damn, it’s falling apart as it nears its seventeen-year birthday. The mostly faux leather is peeling, the strap is fraying and it has more wrinkles than the entire cast of Golden Girls.

You can see this beauty above.

I can’t part with it though. I’ve become rather superstitious about it as I write my first novel. I’m about 150 pages in and have this belief I need to keep this bag until I get this book published. Then and only then will I buy myself a new computer bag.

I’m reeeeeeeally hoping this happens soon. Talk about motivation. I can’t have my laptop falling out…

I invite you to follow me along on this journey of mine I’m calling #soldbooknewbag