A gift to you

I want to give my readers a gift.

I decided to share something with anyone who reads this. It’s something I’ve been doing since the moment I quit my “successful” job of assistant editor on American Idol and went back to waiting tables and made my first film. I was twenty-seven at the time and though I was employed in post production, I wasn’t making films and that greatly depressed me. I needed to stop working fifty hour weeks and the graveyard shifts. I needed to work on things that mattered to me, rather than kill my soul. I needed to change the direction my life was going.

And I did. Abruptly. Overnight actually. The decision was so right that as soon as I thought about it, I did it. (The catalyst was my boss pushing for me to work more hours when I tried to go part-time…) But the point of this tale is that from that moment, I have been doing something that has helped keep me on track to where I want to go and yet, it’s also flexible enough for new ideas. And I want to share this with my readers because the few people I’ve already shared it with, have not only implemented it in their own life, but have told me about the good things they’ve gotten from it.

Bottom line, it’s worked for a few of us. I can’t promise it will work for all. Hell, I can’t promise it will work for anyone ever again, but I would like to share it nonetheless, on the chance that it WILL work for others. Or at least help. A little. So here goes…


1. Pick a start date. It can be Whenever but ideally, the first of the month for no other reason than it’s easiest for keeping track. For purposes of example, let’s say January 1st.

2. Get a clipboard, some lined paper (12 sheets will do,) a Sharpie and a pen.

3. Put a nail in the wall somewhere that you will see often but not necessarily in the public eye. This will be where your clipboard will hang but don’t hang it yet.

4. Put the paper under the clip and using your Sharpie, write on the top of the page: the month (-) two months later, followed by the year. Our example would read “JANUARY – MARCH 2014”.

5. Using the pen, write a minimum of three, maximum of seven GOALS that you want to accomplish in the three months you just wrote down. BE SPECIFIC. This is absolutely KEY to the success of this. For example, a BAD goal listed would be “GO BACK TO SCHOOL”. A GOOD goal listed would be breaking it down into specifics such as RESEARCH SCHOOL APP PROCESS, FILL APPLICATION BY FEB 10, WRITE CHECK…

6. When finished, hang up the clipboard that shows your list.

7. As the three months go by, read it whenever you feel like it and every time you accomplish one of the goals, CHECK it off the list. (I like to put a little box by each goal and then a check mark in it when I do it but find what works for you. Crossing out is used for goals not accomplished though, so keep that in mind.) If a situation occurs where a goal is null and void, either cross it out or add a new one. You could alter it so that it works for you again. For example, say you wrote SWIM LAPS WEEKLY and then a month into this, you sprain your ankle and can’t swim. Alter it. But if you are just lazy, don’t do anything until…

8. On the last day of the last month on the list (our example would be March 31,) go over your list and see what you can check off and what you can’t. Don’t beat yourself up for failing at some. I think if you can do about 60-70% of each list, you’re in good shape. Strive for 100%, sure, but accept it when you don’t deliver.

9. Make a new list. Our example would now read “APRIL – JUNE 2014”. Carry over the ones you didn’t do and add new SPECIFIC goals for the next three months…

10. Repeat every three months. SAVE the lists in a box for reference and in the years to come, look through them to see how far you’ve come and where you’ve gone…..


Be safe and have fun :)))



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