2. 30 days of April ’12…



I like originality. And I like freshness. And I like coming across new things. So my project is this blog page.


Thinking about types of food I’ve never tried, my mind gravitated toward sardines. Random, yes, but they’re pretty popular in the Italian culture. Because of their smell and the fact that I don’t like really fishy things, I’ve stayed away from them all these years. But not today. Today, I went to the store and bought my first tin of sardines. Mixed with the olive oil they came in and a little lemon, thanks to my Mother, I gave them a shot…

Yeah, I was right all along though. I don’t like sardines. But hey, now I know for sure.


Today I researched yoga poses on the web for my something new in the category of exercise. I found some called “restorative” which are meant to help one unwind after a long day. Personally, I could use some relaxation techniques as I tend to be active, both in mind and body but in particular my mind, which does not like to calm down most of the time…

So, I printed some pages up on these poses and did a few to practice and realized very quickly, I really like them! I’m going to now incorporate them into my exercise plan, especially at the end of a long day! Some of the poses are I like are “child’s pose”, “happy baby” and “corpse pose” FYI…


I love having something to drink beside me at pretty much all times. I even make sure I have water near me when I go to sleep and if I forget, chances are I’m getting up, half asleep in the middle of the night and hurting myself in the process because one eye is usually still closed, and drinking something directly out of the fridge.

I’ve been hearing a lot about coconut water. Perhaps it’s just the trendiness of LA, but it seems this stuff is everywhere. So, I bought a single serve carton of some today for my day’s theme, with some mango added to it mind you, and gave it a try.

my verdict => gross.

sorry coconuts.


I am a book junkie so this one is very hard. I will pretty much read any book. Not to mention I’m a book reader for a film production company and read books practically weekly for them, all the while reading my own book of choice before I go to bed every night (and any other chance I get throughout the day.) Point being, I hold no prejudice against books and have read the gamut.

But then, I realized there is one that I haven’t read and really should but allow me to tell a quick story first.

Maybe four or five years ago, I had jury duty and was assigned to the court by the LAX. FYI, if you are assigned there, consider yourself lucky. They have comfy chairs, a great view and good parking. This particular week happened to be jury appreciation week and they had a movie for us to watch, drinks and snacks provided for free and gave us complimentary copies of “American Legacy”, a small book that has the US Constitution in it among other things, like The Declaration of Independence and excerpts from things such as Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream.”

Essential reading and one I am embarrassed to say I have not read. But after this week, that will no longer be true.


Today, I was babysitting my two and a half year-old nephew all day so I thought it would be fun to include him in my daily quest for something new. My category was WORDS so I opened my Italian dictionary and had him point to five different words on randomly selected pages. The words he pointed to were the five news words I would learn for the day. And for any who are not aware, I’m studying the Italian language and am now in my second year. Conversational at best, as I do still have a long way to go to be fluent but I can hold my own if it’s not too complicated, though one must forgive my grammatical errors…

The five words my nephew helped me select to learn today are as follows (and I will be testing myself at the end of this month-long journey to make sure I remember them and did actually learn…)

marcare – v. mark, score
confiscare – v. confiscate
medesimo – adj. same
quinto – num. fifth
barba – n, fem. beard


As one who loves to take photos and does so on a regular if not daily basis, it took some thought on how to incorporate this theme into my month of learning new things. So considering I take a ton of photos, I thought it might be more interesting to ask others to take photos… After thinking about it, I decided to ask those whom I came into contact with today to take a picture of my home office. (I’m a filmmaker and freelance script/book analyst.) I told each one to take any picture they wanted, which enabled me to see my office through their eyes, instead of my own, as I do on a daily basis.

Here are the following photos captured by my willing participants!

My father:

My mother:

My sister:

(sorry, this one had to be blurred out because it’s the outline for my feature film, which has yet to be made.)

My brother:

My 2 1/2 year-old nephew:

(it’s his car, which I keep in my office for him to play with while we hang out there. He actually took this photo!)


I am currently watching the first season of “Boardwalk Empire” and have fallen in absolute love with it but the gangster genre is one of my favorite genres of filmmaking/television so I decided that when I’m done with this (two discs left for the first season) I would watch a TV show recommended by someone else.

I then turned to my sister and asked her to recommend a show to me. She in fact recommended two – “Shameless” and “American Horror Story”. So I decided I will give them both a try by watching the first episode of the first season of each after I’m done with “Boardwalk Empire”. Stay tuned…


I asked a friend of mine what his favorite website was and among the various ones he mentioned that he visits regularly, there was one I never go to. So, this is the website I visited today:


At first perusal, I like it. Having been a fan of the TV shows BBC offers, such as the original “Extras”, I am very familiar with the BBC but never go to their website. I found it interesting to see what the main stories were for the British today…


This one was kinda unnecessary since I believe I learn or do something new in regards to filmmaking on a daily basis. But in honor of my April project, I did read some information on attracting financiers and did actually learn something new – that local film commissions may have information on who wants to invest and that is something I did not think of before… I also am submitting my latest film “Your Move” to three more film festivals so this theme was pretty much just par for the course…


I am a news junkie and read politics daily, so it’s a bit hard to do something new in this category. That said, I tried to read articles and check out some sources that I wouldn’t normally read or look at and while interesting, it really just reaffirmed by belief that one has to be very diligent in selecting their news sources…


I spent the evening with a new friend and had a wonderful time!


I am not the greatest with money, I will be the first to admit. So, rather than do something new WITH money today, I decided to make a NEW commitment to myself ABOUT money – SAVE SAVE SAVE.

DAY 14 – CAR

Hmmm… what to do new about my car. Not an easy thing since my car has been with me for six years and I’ll pretty much drive it where ever I want. So, I decided to put something new IN my car that wasn’t there before.

A book.

I’m actually quite surprised I never had this in there considering my love of books but in my defense, I rarely travel without a book in my bag or purse so it’s very rare that I’m without one but when I have been, I’ve been very upset I didn’t have an extra one in my car.

Now I do. Welcome to my glove box Mr. Shakespeare…


I play Words with Friends on a daily basis so I did not want to add another game to my iPhone apps. I did however play one of my favorite guessing game with someone, which I hadn’t played in quite a while: guess what time it is?

And hah, yup, I still love it.


I went outside to the backyard area and set out to find something that grabbed my attention, that I hadn’t noticed before. Here it is:

an empty flower pot kinda makes me sad…


I admit, I failed at this one. I have not eaten a piece of fruit that is new to me… to be continued…


I randomly picked something in History that I knew very little about – the Korean War – and researched it… Interesting. Did you know it was a “proxy war”?


I asked my sister to tell me something about herself that I didn’t know. After about twenty fours hour of thinking, hah, she told me this:

She’s never seen E.T. (the movie)

Well, looks like I know what I’ll be getting her for Christmas. But I really liked this. I plan to ask all my family members this question. Hell, probably my friends too…


The other day, someone asked me how to say a word in Italian and I didn’t know it. I’ve been wracking my brain to think what that word was, but I can’t for the life of me remember it. So… I decided to pick a random word that I use all the time but didn’t know how to say in Italian and then learn it.

Equal = uguale


I LOVE music and I learn new things all the time so I wasn’t sure what to do about this one…

Then, I logged onto Facebook and a friend of mine posted a video of herself doing a cover of a song I like. She not only sang but played the piano also. That’s something new for me! I watched it and was moved by it. Nice singing Stephanie!

Click here to see her!


Boring, yes. But I bought a new skirt. It is, however, not my exact normal taste so I did do something new. Instead of going for the black one, my clothing color of choice, I went with the blue/white one!


Researched the iPhone 5. I realllllllly want this phone to come out sooner than later. Rumors are that it might be launched in June but it’s not looking too good that it will.

My iPhone 4 is slightly broken in the sense that after I allowed my nephew to play with it, followed by him dropping it, the ringer doesn’t work anymore. Now, I have to keep my phone around me so I can hear or feel it vibrate and I hate that. But then, life could be a lot worse…

excuse the wrinkles, I just washed it and haven’t ironed it yet!


I made a commitment to myself to drink at least three whole glasses of water a day. I love my wine, my diet coke, my Gatorade but I could replace many of those drinks with water so I’m going to.


This is a difficult one. I read politics everyday and I read both sides so finding something new is a challenge. Therefore, I invite anyone who reads this to send me a link of a political article they found interesting and I will read each and every one sent…



I tried a new restaurant for Mexican food, a type of food I enjoy but is not in my top five. (Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Steak and Thai.)


I love philosophy. I can read it every day and learn something new. For this one, I decided to find a philosopher I have read little if anything about and make him/her the next one I research. The result:

Denis Diderot

Seeing that I love the Enlightenment period, I thought this would be a good choice.


Seeing that the new philosopher I’m going to learn is Denis Diderot, I searched through some quotes of his to find the one I like best to add it here…

“No man has received from nature the right to command his fellow human beings.”
-Denis Diderot


Well…. for this one, I’ve been experiencing a lot of new things because I recently met someone who has rocked my world for all the better. So… I think I’ll leave this alone and simply say, I learn new things about him and me on a daily basis.


I tried to make this day a day about doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Kinda cool. Try it.


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